Steve White is returning to New Zealand – Oct 2018

As a police officer, Steve was trainer for one the largest police K-9 units in Washington State. With K-9 assignments occupying much of his 25 years in law enforcement, he handled and trained patrol and narcotics dogs for military, county, and city law enforcement agencies. Accredited as a Master Trainer in 1993 by the Washington State Police Canine Association. Steve is an instructor for the K9 Academy for Law Enforcement, and has instructed at police K-9 seminars across the U.S.. He has been recognized as an expert witness by Washington courts in police K-9 and dog behavior matters.

The force based methods Steve was originally taught troubled him. Through the years Steve came to realize there was better way to train. Marine mammal trainers and behaviorists taught him how to achieve better performance using positive reinforcement. Better yet, they taught him that the principles applied across species lines. They work as well for cats, birds, and livestock as they do for dogs and dolphins.

Steve has taught obedience classes at parks, community centers, and boarding kennels. His articles have appeared in police K-9 and dog training publications in the U.S. and Canada. He has been a guest presenter at Karen Pryor’s and Gary Wilkes’s “Don’t Shoot the Dog Seminars” and has taught with Karen Pryor at her clicker workshops. Steve has taught classes at the Association of Pet Dog Trainers national conferences. He was also invited by the US Defense Research Projects Agency as a participant in its Plume Tracing Symposium.

As owner-operator of the private business Professional Training Services, he specializes in teaching behavior management through the use of positive reinforcement based operant conditioning, as well as tracking and scent work. He also provides consultation and training to K-9 units on administrative and legal issues.

Learning About Dogs will be hosting Steve in both Auckland and Dunedin.  Further details will be available soon on the Events page.