Bob Bailey’s Down-Under – Auckland 2017

Exciting news!  Bob Bailey will be coming to Auckland, New Zealand on April 14 – 16th 2017.

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The Bob Bailey Tour Down Under affords attendees a rare opportunity to learn from a world renowned animal trainer. Being a 3 day seminar, the Auckland program is jam-packed with speaking and practical sessions hosted by Bob.

Informative topics include: a history of animal training, the principles of animal training and the biology behind them, teaching animal training, and effective training. Practical sessions will provide attendees with the chance to witness the progress of behaviour change for several different animal/handler teams under Bob’s tutelage.

Please note that speaking and practical components remain subject to change, while practical sessions will be dependent on animal availability and their willingness to participate in this situation.

Event providers for Bob’s Down-Under Tour 2017:

Agility Click – Queensland – 25th to 27th March

Dogaholics NSW – 31st March to 2 April

Chews Australia – Victoria – 7th to 9th April

Learning About Dogs – Auckland – 14th to 16th April

Petra Edwards & Behaviourtects – Adelaide – 21st and 22nd April