Steve White – Auckland (NZ)

Date(s) - 26/10/2019 - 28/10/2019
9:00 am - 4:30 pm

Unitec Auckland

Steve White – Auckland 26th to 28th Oct 2019

Saturday 26th October – HITT – Tracking in the Real World

All dogs can track.  It’s in their DNA.  They just don’t know how to do it exactly the way we want when we want them to.

As our world becomes progressively more urbanised and working dogs are used in harsher environments the old ways of training tracking dogs have been pushed beyond their limits.  Modern conditions call for modern methods ‘HITT’ – Hydration Intensified Tracking Training. Developed by Steve White from the ProActive K9 in the US.

Who is this for?
Pet owners, dog sport enthusiasts, pet or dog sports trainers and other dog professionals – particularly law enforcement, search & rescue, service dog work or scent detection.

What will you learn?
HIIT allows dogs & handlers to discover for themselves the techniques and mechanics that work best for them. The results are a dog that is eager to track but works in a calm, focused manner the best part is HITT can be done almost anywhere – city, country or desert.

    • Improve your communication and enhance your bond by becoming more fluent in what your dog tries to tell you but, we too often miss or misunderstand the communication.
    • Learn to apply both operant and classical conditioning with our hard-wired scenting hounds and to do it when we want, in the environments and ways we need.
    • Learn to have fun and build skills for unprecedented success.
    • How to train dogs to track on hard surfaces such as asphalt first
    • Why grass is the last surface you should train.
    • How to use the 80/20 Rule to make sound training decisions.
    • How to systematically conquer surface changes, cross-tracks, delays, and harsh conditions.
    • A simple, effective way to make your dog love to indicate on articles.

How will the workshop be conducted?

The workshop will entail a mixture of hands on exercises, lectures accompanied with video, slides, and live demonstrations.

Working places

There are working places available for HITT training and Thousand Hour Eyes (Scent), whilst Scentsational only has five working spaces available.

How do I secure a working spot?
To ensure the best learning opportunity for all, working places will be by application only.

Criteria needed –

    • Dogs need to be crated and a crate cover is advised
    • Reactive dogs must be managed at all times
    • Must have basic level of training
    • Dog need to have at least 1 stationary behaviour (i.e. sit, down, stand)
    • Must be able to walk on a loose lead
    • Recall
    • Name recognition

Sunday 27th October – Scentsational!

Every seen a dog that seems to just live for the next  “nose hit”? Such a scent-obsessed dog could care less about what his human is doing, wants, or where she’s going. That’s because, with more of their brains devoted to smell than to sight, dogs are hard-wired to be more olfactory creatures than visual ones. This jam-packed day will show you how to enhance your relationship with your dog as you both have fun exploring the “scentsational” world around you.

Learn all about the amazing world of scent detection from one of the leading authorities, Steve White, as he takes you through a journey of canine olfaction, scent production and transmission with a thorough scientific approach to varying scent training procedures.  Includes scent games which you can better bond with your dog or prepare for serious scent work.

Who is this for?
This seminar will benefit professional and amateur scent detection handlers who want to learn or improve their knowledge and skill set – from operational detector dog handlers, search and rescue handlers, service dog trainers, or those training with their pet dogs in scent sports.

What will you learn?
Attendees will gain a robust knowledge of scent detection and review a variety of training methods from a scientific viewpoint.

You will learn

    • how to back-chain a search-locate-report behaviour chain using a pre-selected target odour;
    • how to assess your own dog’s manifestation of the eight scent work indicating behaviours and;
    • how to maximize your dog’s success by tailoring exercises to their level of preparedness.

How will the workshop be conducted?

The workshop will entail a mixture of hands on exercises, lectures augmented with video and slides, and live demonstrations.

28th October – Thousand-Hour Eyes (Scenting Dogs)

A systematic approach to reading scenting dog behavior. Originally intended for police K9 handlers, but ideal for shelter staff, animal control, and behavior consultants.

Join Steve he shows you how to drastically reduce the time on how to read your dogs behaviour during a search. He’ll give you a system that you can customize and make your own, or standardize and turn into a curriculum. This program is ideal for trainers, obedience instructors, shelter staff, animal control officers, behavior consultants, or everybody who wants to get better connected with the dogs in their lives.

Using live demonstrations, video, and multi-media he’ll show you:

  • A clear seven-step process for reading any dog, anytime, anywhere.
  • How to harness the power of video to accelerate the learning process.
  • How to build your “thin-slicing” skills so you can quickly make better training decisions


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Cancellation Policy

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