Halloween and Guy Fawkes is upon us again!

With Halloween coming up it is the time to look after our pets.  Halloween is a fun time for the people but not necessarily our pets.

Humans all love the strange costumes and scary feeling when they see something unusual.  Unfortunately our pets don’t feel the same way.  All pets, not just the scared ones.

  • Bring your Dog inside
    Even if this isn’t normal for your dog to come into the house, this is an unusual time of the year and our pets need our understanding.  Not all dogs are able to cope with the hype and noise of either the children’s screams and squeals of Halloween or the screams, bangs and burning lights of Guy Fawkes.Make a dog bed in the laundry or another room and train your dog to sleep in this area prior to Halloween or Guy Fawkes.
  • Scared dogs: If your dog is scared of the people in strange costumes, the increased number of people knocking on your door or visiting or the loud noises and bangs that fireworks produce, keep them in a safe environment where they cannot escape. If people come into your property, dressed in their ‘scary’ costumes, it could upset your dog and their behaviour could be different to normal by growling, lunging or wildly trying to escape. Check that when people come to the door that your pet cannot escape from the ‘safe’ environment, or be scared by the increased number of scary people at the door.

    Take precautions of your scared dog but using a Thundershirt or making a small cave for them to feel safe in. One of mine use to hide under the duvet during thunderstorms and fireworks, so let then choose where they are most comfortable.  If you need to medicate, remember that some medications take a couple of days to work so should start taking those well before the fireworks start going off.

  • Dressing up of dogs:
    Not all dogs like to be dressed up.  If they don’t like it, don’t do it.  If they love it, make the most awesome costume that people have seen.  Keep hold of your dog on either a flat collar or harness and a leash long enough to keep everyone, including your pet, safe.Do not take your dog with you door knocking if it is not well socialised and is fearful or timid of people.

Take care over this period and keep your pets safe.