Happy New Year

Happy New Year

As one year ends and another one starts, we need to be aware of our animal friends.

Here we come 2012

For those of you that have ‘squirreled’ away some fireworks for when the clock strikes midnight, please take care of your animals (dogs, cats, horses, donkeys, pigs etc.) by providing them a safe place away from the loud noises and cracks that the fireworks will make.

If you don’t have pets, then please let your neighbours who do have pets know that you are letting off fireworks so they can prepare their pets for the evening.

Be pet aware tonight whilst you enjoy the celebrations of bringing in 2014 and don’t forget to make a new years resolutions which include all of your pets needs as well as your own.

Happy New Year Everyone from Learning About Dogs, and we would like to hear what new years resolutions or changes you will be making this year that includes your pet, and look forward to working with you all again in the New Year…